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In 1980, TSC Electronics, Ltd. was established with the sole
purpose of producing film capacitors and inductors to serve
the USA market. Since then, this growing company has expanded
into a large manufacturer of passive components with factories
and offices in three countries.

Throughout the years of hard work and progress, TSC Electronics
has continually provided its customers with a growing assortment
of products and services. Because our customer's needs are top
priority for us, we dedicate ourselves to producing many high quality,
innovative products at competitive prices. We offer a wide variety
of products, including high precision and commercial grade film
capacitors, surface mount chip ferrite beads, surface mount inductors
and transformers, and leaded chokes, coils and transformers. We
can also work on custom designs with you to meet all of your needs.

With our experience in manufacturing and equipment design, we aim
to serve and provide the experience and dedication that your company
requires; our primary objective is your satisfaction. Our commitment
to quality has made us what we are today, and we hope to continue
our tradition of excellence well into the twenty-first century.